out on THIRD-I-REX on February 25th, recorded at DIY Studio (My Own Prison, Scornthroats) and mixed at Blacktooth Studio (Drought, December Hung Himself), then mastered by James Plotkin (Amenra, Isis, Earth). Cover artwork has been made by Andrea Marcias (Waarp), while the rest of layout by Blacktooth Collective.

They have no vocalist; I have a feeling that if they did, the vocals would interfere with the mesmerizing effect of the music, unless perhaps the vocals consisted of nothing more than the whispering of ghosts.” (No Clean Singing, Jan 2018).

Charun can stand their ground against any of today’s instrumental and post metal bands, a fact made obvious on “Mundus Cereris”. (Decibel Magazine, February 2018).

STIGE (2016)

out on Cave Canem DIY /As Above So Below Records on January 1st, recorded at DIY Studio (My Own Prison, Scornthroats), mixed and mastered at Blacktooth Studio (Drought, December Hung Himself). Cover artwork by Blacktooth Collective.

“I frequently found myself headbanging, very slow but still, I don’t often bang my head to post rock.  The amalgamation of these slow but powerful genres is pretty much always fantastic, and Charun is no different.  So yes, this is a great album which certainly deserves a place on your post rock shelve.” (Merchants of Air, Jan 2016).

When these kind of bands do instrumental right, they tend to do it with some impressive skill. Stige is just that, an impressive album. (Demonszone, February 2016).