Four piece instrumental band from Sardinia, Italy. Formed in 2013 they self-released a 4 track demo “De Ortu Solis”, and teamed up with Cave Canem DIY and As Above So Below Records for the release of the full length “Stige”, out 1/1/2016. Combining deafening post rock atmospheres with lead-weighted metal intricacies, guitars flare, drums crack, and from the maelstrom of sounds come dark, brooding ambiences and driving, evocative riffs. 
Purely instrumental and with no poetic lyrics or arching vocals to hide behind, Charun’s compositions lie steadfast in the spotlight, baring the weight of expectations and delivering brilliantly evolving orchestrations.


Charun members play/played also in Drought, Thank u For Smoking,
Rise After Defeat, My Own Prison, Desert Hype.

Guitar / Nicola Olla
Guitar / Valerio Marras
Bass / Simone Lo Nardo
Drums / Daniele Moi



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